Advanced Podiatry Services


Toenail Surgery

From £375

Ingrown toenails, blackened, thickened or any

painful nail can be a cause of daily discomfort.

We offer a small surgical procedure to

relieve this discomfort.


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Verruca Needling

From £150

Sometimes verrucas can be the most stubborn of all foot ailments even after professional treatment. When this is the case we recommend trying our verruca needling procedure.

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A Treatment For Fungal Nail

From £150

Clearanail is a treatment we offer for stubborn fungal nails.

This procedure is painless and involves micro drilling holes

in to the nail bed to allow more thorough application

of topical treatments.

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Steroid Injections

From £125

These are offered for foot ailments only and can

give good relief of both acute and chronic pain

but needs assessment from our

Podiatrist prior to treatment 

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