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This appointment is approximately 60 minutes where the therapist will take note of your medical history, along with the symptoms and suspected cause of injury. 

During the appointment a diagnosis will be made and appropriate treatment given along with a home exercise program. 

A treatment plan will then be put in place to ensure the best chance of a full recovery. 

Our Soft Tissue and Sports Therapists have a unique skill set which combines hands on manual therapy (muscle energy, soft tissue, stretching, massage techniques & kinesio taping),  with their in-depth knowledge of exercise prescription to facilitate a wellbeing,rehabilitation program.

60 minutes

Appointment for all NEW patients with:

  • sports/gym related injury

  • repetitive strain injury

  • spasm related pain


Initial Sports Injury Appointment

45 minutes

If a follow up appointment is required after the initial consultation.


Follow Up Sports Injury Appointment