*Covid-19 Appointments


Please be aware our day to day operation at clinic is no longer the same so please read the detailed information in the confirmation email sent after booking and return the COVID form to us the day before your appointment i.e within a 24 hour window of your appointment. 

You will find the COVID form attached to the reminder email which will be sent the day before your booked appointment. For more information watch this short video *please note we will not need to call you prior to your appointment as all the information we require will be submitted via the COVID form. 















Thank you for reading this.

Coming into clinic for an appointment:

Please read the following information if you are coming into either clinic for an appointment:

Arrival at clinic

If you arrive early please wait in your car until the time of your appointment.

The front door will be locked the practitioner will then admit you at the time of your appointment and direct you to the hand washing facilities. Once you have washed your hands please wait in the waiting area and the practitioner will invite you into the treatment room. 

Please note the practitioner at this point will be wearing their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) this will consist of; a mask, an apron & gloves. 

On entry to the treatment room the practitioner will then take your temperature using our infra-red thermometer shone at your forehead. If you and the practitioner are happy to proceed treatment will take place. 

At the end of the treatment please get dressed, make payment and if desired rebook in a timely manner. 

You may wish to wash your hands again, (our practitioner will then unlock the front door) and depart, the practitioner will be back in the treatment room at this point and you are no longer permitted to enter the treatment room. 

We apologise for the direct nature of these instructions but operating in this manor means we are fulfilling our infection control criteria to the highest standards possible.

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