Radiation Free Bone Density Scan

Helping to prevent early onset osteoporosis and prevent risk of fracture

Echolight Radiation Free Technology

We are excited to be one of the first clinic in the U.K to offer safe radiation free bone density scanning, giving DXA equivalent results (BMD,T score & Z score).

We are teaming up with Bonosso Ltd to bring this revolutionary scanning technology to the general public as a self referral appointment type.


Why should I have a scan?

This scan is extremely beneficial to anyone who;

  • has had a hysterectomy

  • is on steroid medication

  • has a family history of osteoporosis/brittle bones

  • has been medicated and/or previously diagnosed with osteoporosis/osteopenia

  • has been through menopause and worrying about their bone health

  • worried about curvature of their spine

  • have had recent fractures/fall

Both men and women are effected by this condition, please bear this in mind.
Your appointment can be booked online or via our reception team. Please get in touch if you have any queries. 

No need for a GP referral and so if you want to check the health of your bones then this appointment is for you.

The Echolight radiation FREE ultrasound (REMS) scan takes around 30 minutes and you will be given a printed report with your results showing your bone mineral density, T - Score, Z Score, of both your lumbar vertebra and hip bone. 

A diagnosis is given at the time of the scan:

normal, a higher risk or definite osteoporosis and advice is then given as to what action should be taken. 

For more information and all the science and detailed facts visit: www.bonosso.uk

Will it hurt?
NO, not only is this a radiation free scan it is also painless

How does it work?
The scanner uses ultrasound to measure the bone mineral density and automatically generates the results during the appointment, for more info visit https://bonosso.uk

Can I bring someone with me?
Of course, there is plenty of space in the treatment room to bring a chaperone if you wish. 

Who can benefit?
Anyone wishing to know the health of their bones.

What should I wear?
Patients will be required to expose their abdomen for the spinal reading and their groin for the hip. We will use towels in the appointment at all times to protect your modesty so stretchy clothing is advised. 


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